Karen Allen LMHC | Christian Life Coaching
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Christian Life Coaching

Life coaching differs from counseling in that it is present and future oriented with the purpose of helping you identify and achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations. A life coach challenges you and, in accordance with a mutually agreeable plan, holds you accountable for achieving those goals. While counseling helps individuals resolve issues from their past that continue to cause difficulties in one’s ability to function in the present, a life coach helps individuals enrich their lives and continue on a path of personal growth. Both a counselor and a coach utilize specific skills sets to help their clients realize the results desired when services were initiated.


As a Christian life coach, I can help you enrich your life through the strengths of principles found in the Bible and through your Christian beliefs. If you want to live your life according to God’s plan for you, and my coaching style is agreeable to you, then perhaps Christian life coaching can help. Call Karen at (813) 571-1672 or email her at Karen@MeaningfullyConnected.com to learn more.


Make your life a journey of steps meaningfully connected!