Karen Allen LMHC | Accelerated Resolution Therapy
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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy, called ART for short, is an eye movement therapy developed by Laney Rosenzweig and designated an evidence-based therapy for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma symptoms. It has been proved effective in 1-6 treatments while being researched at the University of South Florida with veterans who experienced combat-related trauma. ART delivered encouraging results in a study where it was used to treat military sexual trauma in female service members. ART has been used successfully to treat trauma in first responders, crime victims, and the general population. It has successfully treated phobias, medical trauma, sexual abuse, insomnia, and other mental and physical disorders. What would it mean to you if you could quickly treat a problem without missing a lot of work? How would it feel to have a technique that helps reduce cravings related to drug addiction as you go through treatment? ART has many applications. Call Karen today at (813) 571-1672 and ask how ART may be able to help you.